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Feedback - 2012

Kieron is a fantastic driving instructor. If anyone is looking to have driving lessons, i would definitely recommend Kieron as your instructor. I had doubts on whether or not i was going to pass my test on the day but Kieron was very supportive and helped me get through my test with a 1st time pass!!! Whilst having driving lessons, i would sometimes make mistakes during the lessons, but Kieron's patience when i was driving was really helpful and allowed me to succeed and go on to pass my test.

Tom Day, Passed 1st attempt 31st December 2012

Kieron is a highly professional, calm, outgoing, excellent driving tutor/instructor who is dedicated towards pupils achieving their driving licence. The lessons are specifically tailored to suit the individual in a relaxed environment with no added pressure. Kieron is clear and concise with his teaching which enabled me to learn the skills applicable in order to become a safe and aware driver. The driving lessons are enjoyable with the Rock Driving Academy and for the price it’s even better! I highly recommend Kieron, if you want to learn to drive! Thanks Kieron!!!

Chris Steel, Passed 1st attempt 28th December 2012

I would recommend Kieron as a driving instructor to anyone, he makes you feel very comfortable.

He gives you confidence within driving.

Definitely didn't feel like I was being made to have more lessons than were needed, not like my old instructor!!

All round just a great service and a joy to learn to drive, especially helping me to pass first time with only two driving faults.

Sean Jenkins, Passed 1st attempt 23rd November 2012

Ryan Woodward, Passed 1st attempt 25th October 2012

I have recently passed my driving test at the first time thanks to Kieron. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do as well as I did (3 minors) but in my view its all down to Kieron's patient way with me. He always was very calm, friendly in the way he did things and you can have a good laugh with him as well which puts you at ease. He tells it to you straight, no beating about the bush. If you do well he tells you. If your not doing so well he tells you where you went wrong in a helpful and calm way.  He put a hell of a lot of work into making sure my driving was up to scratch. I cannot thank him enough for helping me get to my goal which I have wanted for so long, but for things beyond my control I couldn't do. I would whole heartily recommend ROCK to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Daniel Stutchbuey, passed 1st attempt 23rd October 2012

Jake McCarthy, Passed 1st attempt 17th October 2012

Jon Urquhart, Passed 1st attempt 16th October2012

Learning to drive is a difficult task for anyone but when you have Kieron as an instructor you do not have to worry one bit, he is the best driving instructor you will find and I cannot recommend him highly enough!! I remember when I first started learning I was so, so nervous but Kieron was calm and patient and it really does put you at ease and you very quickly start feeling comfortable behind the wheel. Confidence was always always a big issue with me when I was learning to drive but Kieron is very supportive and he will always encourage you not to give up! If you're really struggling to get to grips with something it does not matter if it takes you 10 or 15 attempts to get it right Kieron will make sure you get it right! He is very friendly and you can guarentee you'll have fun while you're learning. I still can't believe I've passed my test and I'm so glad I never gave up so a HUGE thank you to you Kieron for everything, really can't thank you enough!

Christina Shinkwin, Passed 15th October 2012

Jack Telford, Passed 1st attempt, 12th September 2012

Kieron is the best driving instructor, you couldn't get better. He's very calm and is very patience. He makes you feel very comfortable and is very professional. I also had so much fun learning to drive with Kieron and always looked forward to every lesson! Il miss our lessons now that i have passed. Thankyou so much, your amazing.

Sami O'Reilly, Passed 4th September 2012

Kieron is an awesome driving instructor!

Really good at keeping you calm whilst driving - especially if you're quite nervous at the beginning!

His professionalism and expertise built my confidence up as he was easy to talk to and he explains your mistakes in a calm manner, so I felt I was improving every lesson.

I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive - the car was great to learn in which made it a lot easier! Thank you very much Kieron!

Jacqui Asher, Passed 1st attempt, 3rd September 2012

Ben Cowdrill, Passed 1st August 2012

Polly Noonan, Passed 25th July 2012

THANK YOU so much Kieron for getting me through my driving test and passing first time. I have really enjoyed my lessons and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. We have had a laugh but it has also been very professional. Your friendly and patient approach has put me at ease during challenges. You were always very clear and concise with your instructions and somehow bought the best out of me. It has all been a pleasure and I very much appreciate everything you have done for me.

Emma Nailon, Passed 1st attempt, 3rd July 2012

Kieron is the best driving instructor by far! He puts you at ease and is calm and helpful with all your doubts about driving. He is very friendly and will do the best he can to help you pass your test! I would recommend him to anybody! Thankyou so much

Hollie Edwards, Passed 1st attempt, 23rd May2012

Kieron is the best driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to learn to drive. His friendly attitude helped me to feel at ease and he was more than happy to help me overcome any fears and doubts I had about driving. I will miss my lessons a lot, thank you!!!!

Alicia O'Connell, Passed 15th May 2012

Kieron is a very calm and well spoken instructor, very patience and understands that people are different, made things clear and easy to understand, would recommended to anyone who is after lessons,

Jamie Goode, Passed 16th March 2012

Katie Pemberton, Passed 16th February 2012

Kieron is the best driving instructor I could of asked for and has to be one of the most patient people I know. Through the MANY hissy fits i had in my driving lessons, he always managed to get me to stay calm and not only drive well, but most of all responsibly. I was not always a very confident driver, but with kieron's patience and reassurance he makes you believe in your own abilities to pass. I would reccomend Kieron to anyone looking for a driving instructor, he is professional and very easy to get on with and always makes sure you feel comfortable behind the wheel, he always answers any queries you have and will go over things time and time again(like me with roundabouts) until you feel confident with it.


Rebecca Walsh, Passed 1st Attempt, 14th February 2012

Donovan Bernard, Passed 1st Attempt, 27th January 2012

Kieron is just a legend... Amazing driving instructor... After having quite a few bad lessons previously with another instructor and picking up some bad habits, Kieron was very patient and really put my confidence back into driving. He is very easy to get along with and has just helped me pass my test and I am so grateful... If you want a driving school that won't rob you blind, with an instructor who won't let you down, its gotta be rock!!

Devon Buckley, Passed 23rd, January 2012

Kieron is, THE BEST AROUND!! He is a great driving instructor really friendly and calm and always here to help you improve on your driving. if you didnt understand something he was more than happy to go through it with you again. As I wasn't very confident with my driving he always said to me you can do it, there is no reason why you cant, and I did it first time :)

Kieron is really easy to get along with and easy to talk to, there is never a moment of silence during your lesson ( well that was in my case). All around he is a fantastic driving instructor and I recommend him to anyone.

Lauren Alcock, Passed 1st Attempt, 16th January 2012