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Feedback - 2013

Haven't got a bad word to say about Rock driving academy. I passed first time with only 1 minor which was an amazing early Christmas present. Kieron was a really calm and patient instructor who would always explain everything to you and would never stress you out while learning. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to learn with a fantastic instructor. Thanks again Kieron.

Zak Hooker, passed first time December 2013

Thank you Kieron for helping me pass first time! He really is the best instructor I could of hoped for, patience of a saint! He always makes you feel calm and positive even when I asked questions about absolutely everything! Very professional and great method of teaching, on top of that Kieron is a genuinely nice guy. Every lesson we had a laugh which helped take off some of the stress. He will always believe in you and that you can do it. Would highly recommend Kieron to anyone looking to learn to drive being very flexible with times and really fitting around you. Will miss my weekly lesson, it was honestly a pleasure to learn with you.

Thanks again!

Sera Pugh, passed first time December 2013

I couldn't have asked for a nicer and more professional driving instructor, made me feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as I got in the car. We had a laugh and put the world to rights but also knuckled down to business. Was a pleasure working with you. Trying think of so thing bad to say but there isn't anything.

Ollie Wilson, passed November 2013

Thank you Kieron for helping me pass my test first time. Kieron was always patient with me throughout the time it took me to learn to drive and always gave clear instructions during the lesson so I knew how to improve. Kieron always made time at the end of the lesson to discuss how the lesson went and any questions that I had for him. I would recommend Kieron and Rock Driving Academy to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. 

Sam Kenny, passed Noember 2013

Kieron is an amazing driving instructor who has helped me to be able to drive safely and confidently on the roads. I always felt comfortable around him and I was able to ask any questions I had about driving, no matter how stupid they seemed! I was so nervous when I first started and never thought I would pass, but Kieron gave me the confidence to overcome my fears. He is incredibly easy to get along with and is always cracking jokes. Kieron will give you plently of feedback at the end of every lesson in order for you to improve. He works with you at your own pace and fully prepares you to drive safely for the rest of your life. I am so glad I learnt and passed with rock driving academy and would definitely recommend Kieron to anyone without a second thought. A massive thank you for everything!!!

Annie Leathem, passed November 2013

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Kieron as he made me feel very relaxed in the car. Every lesson was positive and productive and I felt I was improving every week. Kieron is very calm and just lets you get on with it, he is easy to talk to and communicates really wel… even though is jokes are terrible!

Caolan Wukics, passed first time, October 2013

A big thanks to Kieron, who had the patience to guide me to pass my driving test first time. Kieron’s persistence and expertise was crucial when it came to passing my test, despite the time pressures. As well as being a 1st rate instructor, Kieron is also a top bloke and his friendliness helps you feel comfortable in the car and really settles your nerves. I would strongly recommend Rock Driving Academy to anyone wanting to learn not only how to pass your test, but to drive for the rest of your life. Thanks again Kieron.

Jonny Knottman, passed first time, September 2013

Kieron really is a top driving instructor, patient, understanding and an outstanding chap. Thanks to the experience gained via his tuition I was able to pass my driving test, I would recommend Kieron and ROCK Driving Academy to any prospective drivers

Connor Walsh, passed first time, June 2013.

After being unsuccessful using other driving instructors in the past getting in touch with Kieron was one of the best things I have ever done! That might sound like an exaggeration but if you are reading this then I'm guessing you want to pass your driving test!!!

At one time I honestly thought that there was no chance of me ever having a driving license but from the first lesson with Kieron at Rock Driving Academy my confidence grew due to the simple fact that I knew that I was driving safely and correctly (despite me asking a hundred questions per lesson!). Kieron is patient, calm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and makes you feel completely at ease whilst driving no matter how nervous you are (and I was!).

After every lesson I felt that I was improving both in my confidence and my driving skills and Kieron really went the extra mile (no pun intended!) being available to fit my schedule.

I would recommend Kieron without hesitation - not only has he helped me to pass my test but he has taught me how to be a confident and competent driver for life!

Darren Tosh, Passed 2nd May 2013

Thanks to Kieron I finally passed my driving test! He managed to completely get rid of my nerves, which wasn’t easy! I had only two driving faults when I did pass and I know this is because of the excellent teaching skills that Kieron has. On top of that he is a really friendly, kind man- with the patience of a saint!! Would recommend him to everyone who wants to learn to drive.

Olivia Newcombe, Passed 23rd April 2013

Thanks kieron for being a great instructor for all your patience and understanding. Top instructor highly recommended and will miss having my weekly lesson

Tom Brennan, Passed 1st attempt 22nd April 2013

Thanks to Kieron I passed first time with only 4 driving faults I was over the moon!  Driving is something I have always wanted to do but doubted myself as I am a bit older and my confidence in the car was not the best!  The way Kieron teaches is very professional, he is calm, patient and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.  Not only did he help me achieve passing my test but he has taught me to drive safely for life.  Kieron is a fantastic driving instructor he is very friendly and made the lessons enjoyable and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Kieron

Kat Kiernan, Passed 1st attempt 15th April 2013

A massive thank you to Kieron for teaching me to drive and making sure I'd pass first time. A great instructor, helps you to stay relaxed and always points out where to improve and the things you did well on. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Sam Baker, Passed 1st attempt 11th April 2013

Dave Collier, Passed 1st attempt 3rd April 2013

Kieron is a calm, confident and patient driving instructor, who I would definately recommend.  He gave clear instructions and I always felt at ease whilst learning to drive.  He always makes time to discuss the lesson at the end and go through how the lesson went.  Thank you for rearranging my test quickly due to the strike action by the driving examiners.  I would definately recommend Kieron.

Lee Robinson, Passed 21st March 2013

Thank you to Kieron at Rock Driving Academy for teaching me to drive.

It was really easy to learn as Kieron made me feel comfortable and not nervous at all.

It was great that Kieron also took an interest in my interests and we could always find common ground and have a conversation whilst on lessons.

I always had a Saturday lesson which would usually cost more with other instructors but Kieron kept the usual price which was also a bonus and more importantly I passed 1st time.

Thanks again.

Joe Evans, Passed 1st attempt 14th February 2013