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Feedback - 2016

Learning to drive with ROCK Driving Academy was the best thing I ever did. Kieron was unbelievably brilliant. He offered reassurance where it was needed and filled me with confidence. The skills that he has taught me will affect the way that I drive forever. He also had the patience of a saint! I cannot thank him enough for teaching me the things that I needed to know with such kindness and resilience.

Hannah Woof, passed first time December 2016

Thank you for everything, the driving lessons were always fun and built around my learning pace.
I often struggled with confidence and the worries of driving but I feel I have fully conquered all the struggles and it has helped me to build my confidence all round. The lessons were well priced and active, always managing to progress as lessons went on. The website is professionally made and instructive, helping me especially to progress with the show and tell questions. Thank you for helping me learn to drive and giving me a boost in confidence.

George Kenny, passed first time, November 2016

I highly recommend everyone to learn how to drive with Rock Driving Academy. You'll enjoy the lessons as they are always fun, informative and educative. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, Kieron's patience, brilliant explanation and calm voice will make you do the right thing and build up your confidence. You'll receive all the help and support you need; gain skills and knowledge that will make you a good and safe driver that enable you to pass the test. Kieron is a great instructor and I hope that you too, a future learner, will enjoy the lessons as much as I did.

Maria Tarnavska, passed first time November 2016

I am the second person in my family to pass first time with Kieron at Rock Driving Academy , he was very calm and patient with his teaching and good fun to be with! I would definitely recommend Rock to any learner drivers.

Eithan Wukics, passed first time November 2016

Kieron is a brilliant instructor who taught me all I needed to know to pass my test on my 1st attempt. I would always look forward to all of his lessons as I really felt I learnt a lot and I enjoyed learning to drive. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I passed 1st time in just under 6 months and I couldn't have done it without him. I can't thank Kieron enough.

Annabelle Williams, passed first time November 2016

Don't really know what I can say other than that Kieron is a brilliant driving instructor who makes you feel at ease in the car when learning to drive. He managed me well when panicking as well as never making me feel like I was asking something stupid by making me very comfortable. Which resulted in me passing 1st time!

Narni Furlong, passed first time October 2016

I am very grateful to Kieron for his patient teaching, which enabled me to pass my test first time. As well as being informative, the lessons were enjoyable and he was very good at preparing me for the 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions. Thank you so much, I would definitely recommend.

Sarah Jennings, passed first time August 2016

I passed first time with 1 driving fault to shock myself,  all thanks to Kieron and his confidence in me throughout the teaching process. By dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on all the skills needed to pass, I achieved my goal. Well organised, never being late or cancelling lessons at short notice and also smashing to get along with. Highly recommend.

Lewis Williams, passed first time August 2016

Kieron is a brilliant instructor who helped me to pass first time! He was always great at answering questions and patient when I made any mistakes. In the run up to the test he was very understanding of nerves and was considerate in squeezing in some extra lessons for my peace of mind. I would highly recommend him for anyone learning to drive. Thanks very much Kieron!

Tess Cullinan, passed first time August 2016

From being a nervous and very quiet driver, Kieron built up my confidence, reassuring me of my driving skills which then allowed me to pass first time with three driving faults! Despite not having total faith in passing, Kieron did, which helped put me at ease and gave me confidence to pass. Thank you Kieron for teaching me how to drive, to do so safely, to be positive and also thank you for the laughs.

Abbey Alcock, passed first time June 2016

From the start Kieron keeps you at ease and always encourages you, even when you don’t feel you can do it, he reassures you that you can. Kieron is great at teaching you exactly what to do and when to do it to ensure that you become a safe driver and get you through your test with as little faults as possible. Thank You

Emily Alcock, passed first time June 2016

I previously had driving lessons many years ago as a teenager but did not continue through to taking my test. Having decided once again to learn to drive I was concerned that it may be more difficult being in my 30’s. However right from my very first lesson Kieron made me feel totally at ease - he was very friendly and easy to get on with and makes the effort to get to know each of his pupils personally, which makes a huge difference and made me feel very comfortable.

I had the tendency to be a very nervous learner driver and could easily become flustered and panic after making a simple mistake, however Kieron was always very calm and patient with me and would help to stay relaxed - even talking through different methods of keeping myself relaxed and calm while driving.  

I cannot recommend Kieron enough - in the run up to my test Kieron had total faith in me even when I did not believe in myself and when we found out that I had passed my driving test with only 4 driving faults Kieron seemed genuinely proud of me which shows how much he cares about his students. I only passed my test one week ago but I can already say that being able to drive has changed my life and this is all down to the tuition and support that I received from Kieron over the last year.

Laura Walsh, passed first time June 2016

Kieron is a great instructor and I would recommend 'Rock Driving Academy' to anyone.  Not only is he a good driving instructor but a great person and a good laugh, it has been a pleasure.

Luca Mannina, passed June 2016

Huge thank you to Kieron for being a wicked driving instructor and helping me pass my driving test first time with just one fault! When I started learning I was a very nervous driver and I never thought I'd pass, but Kieron is very calm and patient and has a great sense of humour so the lessons are enjoyable as well as productive. Would 100% recommend ROCK Driving Academy! Thank you again!

Rae Mort, passed first time April 2016

Anyone that is looking to start learning to drive - Kieron is definitely the right guy! Without him I wouldn't have been able to pass first time with no minors! He makes you feel so relaxed and constantly builds up your confidence throughout lessons! Any lesson I had with him, he would never fail to make me smile or laugh but at the same time keep professional. An absolutely amazing guy, highly recommend!

Sophie Crossley, passed first time April 2016

I’d like to give a big thank you to Kieron for helping me pass my driving test. He made me feel relaxed behind the wheel and was always patient and calm even when I wasn’t! His positive attitude made me believe in myself and made me confident that I could pass my test. Kieron had an answer to all of my questions and never made me feel silly when I was unsure of something. I would highly recommend Kieron, I thoroughly looked forward to my lessons (and even his terrible jokes). Rock Driving Academy ROCKS!

Rebecca O’Connell, passed April 2016

I originally thought that I wouldn't pass my driving test first, second or even third time. However Rock Driving Academy proved me wrong, by passing first time it clearly shows that it is the best driving academy, I've recommended to everyone I know that’s thinking about learning to drive. Kieron really is an all time legend.

Jay Miller, passed first time April 2016

I would like thank Kieron for helping me to pass my test with only three minors. He is incredibly patient, and always approaches lessons with great enthusiasm. Whilst being extremely professional, Kieron always ensures you are driving with a smile, making lessons very enjoyable and productive! Although I am delighted to have passed, it will be a shame to lose my weekly lesson. Thank You!

Harry Harrison, passed April 2016

I highly recommend Kieron as a driving instructor as without his help I would not have passed my test first time. Initially I found learning to drive challenging, however with Kieron's ability to keep calm, I felt under no pressure and if ever I doubted myself (even on the morning of my test) Kieron's "can do" attitude saw me through! Kieron is not only a world class driving instructor but also a top man. If your thinking about learning to drive you should look no further than Rock Driving Academy!

Rhys Evans, passed first time March 2016

Kieron is an incredible driving instructor, very approachable if I ever didn’t understand anything. He made me feel very relaxed at the wheel. He went out of his way to accommodate the very little time I had available for lesson. Coming up to my test Kieron was excellent in helping me learn the ‘show me, tell me’ questions due to the great resources of his website. He also prioritised my lesson in the week of my test to give me the best chances of passing first time. Which I did with only 3 driving faults!

Derry Hart, passed first time February 2016