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Feedback - 2017

I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Rock Driving Academy. Kieron is a brilliant teacher who has a lot of patience and takes the stress out of learning to drive. He is always willing to go over things you're unsure of and take the time to answer ANY questions you have. I managed to pass first time,picking up only 1 fault - Thank you so much Kieron!

Maddie Higham, passed first time November 2017

Just passed my driving test first time after being taught by Kieron O’Reilly! (Rock Driving Academy) I Really recommend him as an instructor as he’s very comfortable to be around and very good at what he does. Owe him massively for helping me pass and become a confident driver. Thank you Kieron!

Lauren Hepburn, passed first time November 2017

Highly recommend Kieron as a driving instructor as I don’t think I would of passed my test first time with out his help, massive thanks to Kieron.

Elliott Mills, passed first time November 2017

I managed to pass first time so Kieron must have done something right. Also a top geeza!

Joel Sinnott, passed first time November 2017

Fantastic, patient, encouraging instructor. I struggled a fair few times and wanted to give up but with the encouragement and kind words from Kieron I persevered  and so did he. Never once did he shout or put me down and I thank him so much for that. So in just over a year and on the 3rd go I finally passed my Driving test and it's all thanks to Kieron. I would definitely HIGHLY recommend Rock Driving Academy to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Tamsin Saysell, passed September 2017

Kieron has been a great instructor. After a year away at university with no driving, upon returning home Kieron was able to quickly get my driving back up to test standards, focusing on my weaknesses, resulting in a pass this time around.

Niall Walsh, passed September 2017

Kieron was a great driving instructor, he gave me the confidence to believe in myself and that I could pass my test! I always felt comfortable in the car and enjoyed his teaching. He teaches in a way that makes you feel ready for your test and confident that you're going to pass first time. I would recommend Kieron as a driving instructor as you get your money's worth, & learn to drive in a safe way and he gives you confidence on the road.

Katie Colls, passed first time August 2017

Kieron is a very supportive and confident instructor who is able to see and further develop the skills of his clients. Prior to this, I was with another instructor where i saw little improvement despite the large number of lessons completed. Without switching to Rock driving Academy, I could not have seen myself passing first time like I Did!

Giandeep Bhamra, passed first time July 2017

My experience with Rock Driving Academy, and in particular Kieron, has been great. From the first lesson I felt comfortable driving with him and at ease in the car. Any questions I had, however minor, were answered in detail. I would highly recommend Rock Driving Academy as the lessons were interesting and engaging. I was always given the opportunity to focus on areas I wasn't confident in and so improved quickly. I passed first time with only one driving fault. Thanks for everything Kieron!

James Chamberlain, passed first time July 2017

Kieron is a great driving instructor and very understanding, especially as I was a very nervous beginner. He's good for those who are also up for a laugh during their lessons. He's patient and great at preparing you for the practical driving test, he genuinely wants you to pass first time. The route on my practical driving lesson was exactly the same as one of the ones we did in a lesson. I passed first time with only with 2 driving faults. So thank you Kieron!

Emily Bessant, passed first time June 2017

My experience with Rock driving was fantastic! Kieron is a very understanding and reasonable instructor, highly skilled in what he does and I would highly recommend him. 10/10!

Louis Compton, passed first time June 2017

Kieron is a great driving instructor. Not only did he help me pass my driving test first time - which I never thought I'd be able to do, he was patient and encouraging throughout all of my lessons. We got on from day 1 which made my lessons more enjoyable. We always got a lot covered in one lesson which helped me to learn quicker too. I would definitely recommend Rock Driving Academy! Thank you Kieron!!

Emma Robinson, passed first time June 2017

Kieron is a great driving instructor, very supportive from the very first lesson through to the last! He made the whole experience easy, he's very comfortable to be with and is great at taking the time to explain to you the manoeuvres and any other questions you may have (of which I had many!). I've enjoyed my time with Rock Academy, had some laughs and passed first time!

Angle Kelly, passed first time April 2017

I passed with Kieron in March 2017 he is a great instructor. Kieron has a lot of patience and time for his students, I would highly recommend him to anyone. He has helped me to achieve my dream.

Jane Chitty, passed March 2017

Rock Driving Academy is an amazing driving school to learn with. Kieron is calm and patient and puts you at ease from the first lesson, especially if you're nervous or hesitant like I was! The transition from me as a beginner with Kieron to me passing my test first time with him I can't put into words, and couldn't of done it without him. The whole journey was one of the best experiences! Thank you so much!!

Sinead Coyle, passed first time February 2017

Driving lessons with Kieron were the most positive and rewarding experience. I could never imagine succeeding like I have. When I first started lessons I constantly felt like I was taking one step forward, two steps back and without Kieron's confidence in my ability from day one, I wouldn't have found the confidence in myself to carry on.  He is unbelievably patient and calm, and knows how to make the lessons enjoyable and productive even when you feel your heart pounding through your chest because you've made a mistake.  Learning to drive with Kieron is very much a team effort and this speaks volumes when you pass your test and see the pride beaming from his face! I can't thank or recommend Kieron enough now that I have passed, leaving with a valuable new skill and some unexpected life lessons too!

Athena Abbott, passed first time January 2017

I would 100% recommend Rock Driving Academy, i never thought i would be able to pass first time as i was so nervous, but i got constant encouragement and motivation from Kieron. when i started getting nearer to my test i was able to get 2 lessons a week which was amazing that he was willing to really help and push me to do my best. Every week we would always focus on my weak areas and i felt i improved very quickly and soon became confident. Lessons were very calm and Kieron would always have faith in you that you could do really well if you tried. I couldn’t thank Kieron enough for setting me up for life with such an amazing skill.

Georgina Knott, passed first time January 2017

I would highly recommend Kieron at ROCK Driving Academy, not only is he a brilliant teacher but a genuinely lovely guy! I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor, I felt comfortable behind the wheel which made learning how to drive a worthwhile experience and filled me with confidence! He would always give me feedback at the end of lessons in order to improve at my own pace and he fully prepares you to feel confident in any situation whilst on the roads. I will for sure miss my weekly lesson and it was honestly a pleasure to learn with you. I'm so glad I learnt and passed with ROCK Driving Academy, can't thank him enough thanks Kieron!

Amelia Rizzo, passed January 2017

I passed first time with Rock Driving Academy. Kieron was a real help in ensuring my driving is confident but safe. From day 1 we got on and I do kind of miss lessons now. Not only did I receive support practically but I was also constantly motivated to keep on top of the theory aspect of driving and I ended up passing that first time also. I felt that lessons were time-efficient and had great structure meaning that my driving could improve quickly. Thank you Kieron!

Jack Such, passed first time January 2017

I can't recommend Rock Driving Academy enough. Kieron gives fantastic lessons that are really good value for money, and you never feel rushed. No question is a stupid question, and he does a great job of calming any nerves you have before both your theory test and your practical test. His website is very well made and informative, and allows you to do a lot of work towards your show and tell questions yourself. What I liked most about our lessons was that I wasn't simply being given the tools to pass a driving test, I was being taught how to drive safely for the rest of my life.

David Atkin, passed first time January 2017