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Feedback - 2018

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge , experience and  patience which enabled me to pass my driving test . You are a fantastic instructor, & i still can't believe I am driving.

Mihaela Badiu, passed July 2018

Kieron was very thorough in all oh his explanations of the manoeuvres and lesson plans & how to fix any mistakes. Overall an easy teacher to learn from with great knowledge.

Blane Upstone, passed July 2018

Kieron is a great driving instructor because he explained everything well and in detail as well as encouraging me to push myself harder and to be more confident with each lesson. He is also still the first to have a laugh and joke which helped to keep me in a positive mindset and look forward to each lesson, I would definitely recommend Kieron to anyone who is looking to start having driving lessons. 

Noah Cullinan, passed first time July 2018

Kieron is a top driving instructor. Throughout all the lessons I had, he demonstrated professionalism and experience in the way he taught, helping me to pass 1st  time. I found him friendly and approachable, the lessons enjoyable and I felt comfortable asking any questions. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to pass first time!

Jack Southall, passed first time July 2018

Kieron was a great driving instructor, he’s very patient, kind and welcoming, and always made me feel at ease from my first lesson, to my test! I would highly recommend him!!

Georgina Jones, passed first time July 2018

Kieron has been nothing but fabulous with my driving lessons. I was petrified at first as most people are I’m sure, Kieron was able to put me at ease and also have a laugh and a joke which really calmed me.  Throughout the whole process he has been very supportive even when I had a massive wobble and threw the “I don’t want to drive anymore” card! Kieron has been very good with my lessons moving around due to a job change he was able to accommodate the times/days I needed which was fabulous.

I cannot thank him enough with the continuous support and tips for driving and my theory beforehand.  I can hand on my heart say I would not had passed without any faults if it was not down to Kieron. So thank you!!

Chatlotte Mckendry, passed first time July 2018

The driving lessons were well structured from start to end. The lessons always had a clear goal in mind that was suitably stated at the beginning of the lesson. I found that the lessons were fluid and Kieron was very easy to get along with and was very supportive at all points throughout any lessons wether it was manoeuvres or practicing driving on country roads. He also held all relevant materials for the theory aspects of driving so that the show and tell questions on the practical test were simple and easy. Therefore I would highly recommend Kieron and Rock Driving Academy to anyone who is considering learning to drive.

Joshua Harding, passed first time June 2018

Kieron is a great instructor and a great guy! I passed first time thanks to him and he also taught me many valuable lessons on how to drive safely beyond passing the test. Would definitely recommend.

Joe Hynez, passed first time June 2018

From my very first driving lesson to pulling up at the test centre ready to begin my test, Kieron always filled me with confidence and pushed me to believe in myself. In every driving lesson Kieron always kept my spirits up and had a laugh with me to make me feel comfortable and to be able to relax. He adjusted his teaching methods to a way that best suited me and now I will use them for the rest of my driving life and I couldn't be more Thankful!

Abigail Mezzone, passed first time May 2018

Would definitely recommend learning to drive with Kieron. He is a great teacher, patient and encouraging. Massive thanks for all your help.

Ben Murdoch, passed March 2018

Kieron is an excellent driving instructor. He is very patient during the lessons and is easy to get along with. He gives you clear instructions and ensures you’re comfortable with everything that might come up on your driving test. I would highly recommend Kieron to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive.

Zak Talamini, passed first time March 2018

Kieron has so much knowledge of the roads, he tells you the things you might see on the roads that you wouldn’t even think of and is aware of everything there is to know! He tells you how to deal with everything and anything you might encounter or experience when driving. I have been given the most accurate advice on how to drive with so much useful information, guidance and support. I could not have passed without all of the sincere effort and help I’ve been given. I now feel like a confident driver because of how Kieron has taught me to deal with any situation I may be in.

Sian Hampton, passed first time March 2018