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Feedback - 2020

Kieron is an amazing instructor who always made sure I felt comfortable and enjoyed my lessons making the process a lot smoother! His wonderful teaching style lead me to passing first time, I felt comfortable and confident as I knew what to do in all situations as Kieron made me feel no question was a stupid question and gave me constructive feedback in every lesson so I knew exactly how I was progressing. Thanks to this I now feel comfortable and confident driving alone which when I started I never thought was possible! Can't thank or recommend him enough!

Bethany Haynes, passed 2020

After initially using another local driving school for my daughter's lessons and having a shocking experience, I sought a recommendation from a good friend and Kieron's name was offered. I have to say it was an excellent recommendation and my daughter went on to pass her test first time, despite repeated test cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. Based on both my experience and comments from my daughter, I would thoroughly recommend Rock Driving Academy. Kieron is professional, knowledgeable, punctual and respectful....exactly the credentials that the first instructor we tried was lacking. There are cheaper driving schools around but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for! It's the total amount you pay that's key, not the price per lesson. I firmly believe that Kieron progressed my daughter's driving skills far quicker than most would have done so in terms or value for money, I have no complaints. I am very happy to give Rock a 5 star review and my full recommendation.

John Simmonds

Over the last few years Kieron had the joy of all 4 of my sons to teach and a grand job  he's done with patience, adaptability and humour. End of an era after Drew passed this week.

Heather Sinnott, passed 2020

Kieron has to be the best in the business, a legend in the driving game. His lessons gave me good confidence in my driving before having my test, which led to me keeping his so far unbroken record of 2020. I believe it would be very hard to fail under his teaching and I can’t recommend him enough.

Drew Sinnott, passed 2020

A great teacher, very friendly. Professional and focused. Without Kieron's lessons I doubt I'd have passed first time. I would really recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Ben Knight, passed 2020

Best driving instructor you can ever have! He has been recommended by some colleagues who passed 1st time previously with him and I never thought I could be able of this, but Kieron help me succeed. He’s really friendly and fun and helped me getting confident and become a considerate driver always taking into account the other road participants. He’s having a lot of patience and believed in me when I didn’t. Would totally recommend him to anyone as he can get the best out of everyone! 5* is a too low score to rate Rock Driving Academy.

Georgina Ristache, passed 2020

What a legend Kieron is, class instructor with so much knowledge. An instructor who genuinely wants you to pass as soon as you can! Someone I can for sure call a friend! If I could give 6 stars I would

Oliver Webb, passed 2020

Top bloke, can have a laugh, always enjoyed my sessions, passed first time with 2 minors excellent instructor. Supports thought learning to drive as well other things to do with driving after passing. Couldn't rate him higher

Ollie Weeks, passed 2020

Most supportive friendly person and so glad I chose rock driving academy! I had heard great reviews by family and friends and many people around school and I can now see why! Good communication and always a laugh! Definitely recommend to everyone!

Amelia R, passed 2020

Can not recommend Rock driving academy enough, I passed my test first time & was very satisfied with all my lessons and particularly the preparation for the test. A great way to learn to drive.

Andrew Duncan, passed 2020

Couldn't recommend Rock Driving Academy enough. Kieron is a brilliant driving instructor, he makes learning to drive easy and fun! He really puts in the effort to see you progress with your driving/confidence and I can happily say if it wasn't for Kieron's help I would never have passed with just 3 minors, thank you Rock Driving Academy!!


By far the best driving instructor round here, as well as just being the soundest guy. Would definitely recommend very professional and you have a laugh as well. Brilliant

Noah Whitlock, passed 2020

Kieron taught my daughter after she had been with a previous instructor and I cant thank him enough for regaining her confidence. He was always professional, reliable and supportive on and off the road. Great competitive prices and would highly recommend.

Emily Barnes

Kieron is the best instructor i have had. He is extremely patient and friendly.  I had tried to learn driving for 4 years but gave up because of my previous instructors. He taught me very well and I passed on the first attempt.  Definitely would recommend if you want a reliable instructor. Miss all the laughers we had!

Joyce Ge, passed 2020

Kieron is an absolute gent. He has a lot of patience and doesn’t rush you through anything whilst you’re learning to drive. He makes the whole process seamless. I couldn’t recommend him any higher to be your driving instructor too!

Mike Sweeny, passed 2020

Keiran is a great instructor, friendly and a good teacher. Definitely recommend to pass first time.

Rory Sinnot, passed 2020

Kieron is a fab instructor! He was very patient and really helped my confidence increase and I passed first time. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for an instructor

Mairi O’Shea, passed 2020

Really enjoyed learning to drive with Rock Driving Academy,  Kieran is a really patient and understanding instructor, passed first time, so did my three brothers.

Would highly recommend

Tiarnan Wukics, passed 2020

I learnt with Kieron and it was the best decision I could have made. I passed first time and felt very encouraged and supported throughout my lessons and test. He allowed me to learn in a safe environment and his calm and warm disposition helped me learn quickly without being nervous. Thanks!

Jessica Noonan, passed 2020

Great lessons and passed first time!

Ben Kinman, passed 2020

Kieran is a lovely, informative and most importantly, a patient driving instructor. He will correct you on your mistakes in a polite and positive manner and will always help with any concerns. I passed my driving test with Kieran with only 2 driving faults and his first time pass rate is high! I highly advise anyone who is looking for a driving instructor to go with Rock Driving Academy.

Leah Bolt, passed 2020

Keiron was always calm and professional during our lessons which helped boost my confidence on the road. I cant thank him enough for his continuous support and would highly recommend.

Grace Mcbean, passed 2020

I thought all driving instructors were the same until I met Kieron. Very passionate about his job and this shows with his student pass scores. Kieron wont just teach you how to pass but will teach you how to drive. I passed first time, thanks for everything.

Ashley Westrop, passed 2020

Kieron was calm, patient and an excellent teacher. He helped me pass first time!

Meg Masters, passed 2020

A really good teacher who makes sure that you know what you are doing and feel comfortable while doing so that you are ready when it comes to taking your test.

Cian Quirke, passed 2020

I passed first time with Rock driving academy, Kieron makes you feel so comfortable in the car and makes sure that each lesson you are being pushed to your best ability. We always had a laugh and I would recommend him to everyone, Thank you so much Kieron!!!

Holly Abbott, passed 2020

Kieron is an amazing instructor! Would definitely recommend him as he’s very professional and is keen for the students to not waste money and pass first time! Both my sons were not rushed into taking their tests which I was pleased about as driving is a very dangerous toy so I never hassled Kieron on booking their tests! This all proved very well when both boys passed first time - 1st having 2 minors and the 2nd also passing first time with no minors which says it all about this instructor! Very happy and will always recommend

Amanda M

Passed my test today with 3 faults, thank you Kieron for all your support and effort. Wouldn’t have passed without you, such a brilliant instructor.

Joe Knott, passed 2020

When I started driving lessons i was a nervous reck Keir really helped and pushed me to get my confidence up now i enjoy driving and would never have passed without him.

Ryan Thurlow, passed 2020

Brilliant learning and so happy to pass first time

Ben Partridge, passed 2020

Great instructor, would definitely recommend.

Ethan Frost, passed 2020

I would absolutely recommend Kieron to anyone wishing to learn to drive; his methods of teaching supplied me with all that I needed in order to pass my test first time. The atmosphere in the car is always professional, calm and friendly, creating the perfect environment to learn in. Beyond that, I believe that my lessons with him have given me the knowledge that I need to drive safely and assuredly by myself.

Simeon Woolley, passed first time January 2020

When I started driving lessons I was a nervous wreck. Kieron really helped and pushed me to get my confidence up now i enjoy driving and would never have passed without him

Ryan Thurlow, passed first time January 2020

Absolutely fantastic experience driving with Kieron! I found Kieron to be a phenomenal teacher, easily able to adapt to my preferred style of learning and talked me through all the aspects of driving. Really made me feel confident on the road and test ready. Very nice guy, easy to chat to and get along with. Really patient guy, never gave up on me no matter what. Would recommend without a doubt, especially with his prices being so competitive!

Cain Dixon, passed first time January 2020

Couldn't recommend Rock Driving Academy enough. Kieron is a brilliant driving instructor, he makes learning to drive easy and fun! He really puts in the effort to see you progress with your driving/confidence and I can happily say if it wasn't for Kieron's help I would never have passed with just 3 minors, thank you Rock Driving Academy!!

Molly Gannon, passed January 2020